Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 9

Okay, so I have some good news and some not so good news.

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The good news is that my husband was able to purchase a $5 Burger King gift card with 500 SB. It did not take quite as long as the 10-14 days that we were supposed to allow for, but since my husband was out of town when he got the email and he no longer has a printer at work we had to wait for him to get home before he could print it. But now we have it and it is printed and we’ll see if we have any trouble using it later, probably tonight.

Okay, the not so good news for me.

At first I wanted a Whole Foods $25 gift card, cause I saw that I could get a 300 SB discount and purchase it for 2200 SB. But then later I saw that I could get a Home Depot $25 gift card at the same discount, and I thought maybe that would be better, cause I would like to buy another sump pump, and since I’ll have to order it online anyway that would probably be a good time to use an e-card. So I go to the Swagbucks Reward Store to order the $25 Home Depot gift card, and I notice something that doesn’t quite look right. I can start the order with my mobile phone, which I’d rather not do, because even though I have a boring flip phone there are still things that I have trouble with, like sometimes I can’t find my text messages. So I would rather get an email. But I notice that they want my street address, just for verification purposes, and the mailbox icon says mail instead of email and postcard instead of message and other things like that. And I’m thinking, surely they don’t actually mean mail, like paper than comes in the snail mail, cause everything else is connected to an email account. But this worries me anyway, and I don’t want to screw up, so I call my husband and asked if he used his mobile phone or his email or what, and he says his email. But it still doesn’t look right to me, so I think I’ll just wait the five days for him to come home and look at it with me, just to be on the safe side.


So yesterday, with him looking over my shoulder and saying just go ahead and do it, everything is fine, I think I’ve done it wrong and now I’m going to have to wait any extra week for an actual piece of paper in the mail.

So he’s like, well, maybe I did use my mobile phone.


Okay, link to an earlier post, in case anyone wants to join Swagbucks or Bing Rewards or Reward TV now that we actually have a Swagbucks gift card in our hands (already used one from Bing, and still waiting for Rewards TV). Sign up for Swagbucks first, even if you give someone else the referral credit, and you can sign up to the other stuff from links at Swagbucks and get SB for joining them. Links are at the bottom.


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