Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 7

Okay, after joining Swagbucks I found an offer to join another reward site called Reward TV. Supposedly, you get paid to answer trivia questions about TV programs. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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Maybe. I’ve noticed some problems with it. Doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t work or that it isn’t worth doing. Just that it may not be as easy as Bing Rewards (probably nothing is as easy as Bing Rewards) and you’re probably not going to get as much out of it as Swagbucks.

For one thing, there are a limited number of gift cards available. SO THEY ARE MINE. STAY AWAY. DO NOT GET BETWEEN ME AND $10 OFF AT TARGET.


Okay, so it is possible that you do not take seriously the threats of some crazy entitled white chick that you only know from the internet, and you want to know more. Okay, I’ll tell you what I’ve figured out so far.

I was saving up points for $25 off of whatever when I read something like “refreshing the page will not increase your chances of winning”. So I thought that was weird. Anyway, you can only try to get a gift card about twice a week. There are less than a hundred gift cards available, and most of those are $5, and only ten of them are $25. There are different cards available, but only three at a time will be offered. There’s a countdown to whatever time they’ll be offered, say at 7:30 on Friday night. So, rather than save I decided to spend some of my points on a $5 gift card to Subway, cause I figured my husband could use it, and I’d get to see if it was a lot of trouble. So instead watching The Vampire Diaries I watched the countdown, and at 7:30 on Friday night I claimed one of the $5 Subway cards. Less than ten minutes later, everything else was gone.


Okay, then I got a message that I’d have to wait 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.

For real? I don’t know yet, I’ll just have to wait and see.

If you can’t be available for the time to purchase gift cards, there are also auctions for other gift cards and stuff like coffee makers. I don’t know if I’ll do anything like that. And you can use points to get extra entries into drawings for stuff. I don’t know if I’ll do anything like that either. I’ve got plenty of that sort of thing elsewhere.


For now I’m just waiting to see what will happen with that $5 Subway card.

And, to figure out how much your points are worth, you have to do a bit of math. Instead of it being exactly one point for one penny like at Swagbucks or almost one penny more or less at Bing, at this place I think it’s more like 300 points for one penny. I think today so far I have about thirty cents. Once I got like eighty-three cents.


There’s some problems with the actual trivia too. Let’s say that you watch all three primetime shows on ABC Thursday night. Great. On Friday morning they should have trivia for those. But you have to play the trivia games on Friday. You can’t wait till whenever it is convenient. All the trivia that they have for TV will be offered the day after the program is on TV. They won’t have trivia for everything people watch, but they will have most of the primetime network TV and some of the more popular cable shows. Most of the stuff is primetime, but sometimes there is something else like the Today show (but not so far as I have noticed, Sunday Morning). And maybe there will be an afternoon movie from the SyFy channel.

They also have trivia for stuff you watch online like on Hulu. But you have to actually watch Hulu on your computer to get that option. And you have longer to play trivia from online sources, but I’m not sure how much longer, maybe a week.


However, at least half of the trivia is going to be about commercials. I’m really good at some of this, especially movie trailers, but I’m crap at car commercials. You’ll get up to five questions about the same commercial. But some of them are really easy. Even if you didn’t watch the commercial that day, you could probably figure out which movie Ben Affleck is in. And then a lot of the questions are just did you like the commercial and do you plan on seeing the movie. You have fewer questions about the online stuff, but more of those questions are actually about the TV show instead of commercials.

If after answering questions about a TV show you are asked to take a survey about your health or the movies or whatever, take it. Most of the time you qualify. If you don’t qualify (so far that’s only happened to me when I have not yet seen any of the movies they’re asking about, but other times they just want to know if I’ve ever heard of the upcoming movies) you only waste your time on one question. If you do qualify, that survey usually takes less time than the stuff about the TV shows, and it is usually worth more points.


And then at some point you just get a message that you’ve reached your trivia limit for the day. And I’m not even sure how that is determined.

Okay, so far, limited stuff you can win, you have to win at the appointed time, there’s an unknown to me daily trivia limit, and you have to wait 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.



Okay, let me go get the links. And remember to sign up for Swagbucks first, because from there you can find a link to sign up to the other two and get 28 SB for signing up to Rewards TV and taking two trivia surveys, and you get 150 SB for signing up to Bing Rewards. So here is the link for Swagbucks


Okay, there does not seem to be link for referring people to Rewards TV, I have to send you an email. And if my math is correct, I’d get 8 cents for it anyway. Sign up for Swagbucks first and I’ll get 3 cents even if you never do anything else with it after finding the Rewards TV link. Seriously, sign up for Swagbucks first.


And the easiest thing so far, but also the least possible points for getting stuff, cause you are limited to about 20 cents a day, Bing Rewards. But sign up for Swagbucks first and use the link there. If you are for sure you only want Bing Rewards, use this link.



Seriously, sign up for Swagbucks first, even if you give the referral credit to someone else.

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