Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 6

Okay, I was wrong. Apparently, you can purchase karma.

I had said earlier that you had to have at least 500 SB to get anything. Well, there are a lot of things for less, mostly donations to charity. One of them is actually named KarmaKarma.com or something.


There’s a lot of stuff like that. One says Feed A Bunny. You can Feed A Bunny for 150 SB.

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There are even several things that just donate a nickel to a charity, so I guess if you get tired of Swagbucks and just want to get rid of leftover SB, you can give nickels to everybody.

I don’t do the charity things myself. (They have charity stuff on Bing too, just not this variety.) For one thing, I’ve done all the silly waste of time things, so I WANT MY DAMNED GIFT CARD. And for another thing, how would I know if the charity got my nickels?


I mean, it’s not like I’d get to see the bunnies eating the $1.50 of Rabbit Chow or whatever.

But, for other people, this is something more interesting to think about than getting a free Whopper.


Okay, instead of linking to the referrals I’m linking to an earlier post that has the referral links at the bottom.


Tomorrow, unless something more interesting happens, I’ll probably write about a third rewards site that has trivia contests about TV programs. Cause that’s too good to be true, right?

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