Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 5

Civilization as we know it nearly came to an end yesterday morning when Swagbucks failed to produce a new daily poll.

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Voting in the daily poll earns 1 SB. 1 SB is equal to one penny in US money. Some of us had a complete meltdown over one penny. And then while waiting on the daily poll to appear, some people decided to talk among themselves, which led to arguments about abortion and such.

Anyway, when people are not having political arguments, they seem to make a lot of comments either about how much money they’ve made and how they love Swagbucks, or how much Swagbucks sucks when it doesn’t work. And I agree it sucks when something doesn’t work, but seriously, this time it was about not getting one penny.


And then it turned out we weren’t getting cheated out of our one penny, we were just getting it late. I came back later and it worked just fine.

I’ve been cheated out of points for surveys, or at least I think I have. Some of them just have a lot of questions before they decide if you are qualified for the survey. But twice I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been shown a commercial and then written stuff about the commercial and then shown the commercial again and answered more questions, and then at they end either nothing happens or I get a message that the survey is already full or I’m not qualified. I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t be doing many of these anyway. Even when they work, and I’m qualified and all that, I’ve spent half an hour or so usually to make less than a dollar.


I did once get really excited that I was going to get like 1500 SB for testing a product in my home. But then at the last question I wasn’t qualified. And it really seems like I wasn’t qualified because I hadn’t bought a sports bra in the last three months, cause I answered everything else yes and I’d bought everything else on the list. So I’m wondering if I lost $15 and a free sports bra.

Okay, lesson learned, I will never answer negatively to a question about buying sports bras ever again.


But other than that, probably not too many surveys in my future. I mean, we really are talking about pennies here. I thought it would be funny to write about how I’m obsessing about this and it just pennies. The pennies add up, but some of this stuff is just not worth it.

Okay, maybe this time I’ll just link to the last post instead of linking to all the referral things. Referral links are at the end.


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