Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 13

Part 13. That fits.

Okay, so over at Swagbucks there is sometimes a game that is like bingo called SWAGO. There’s a board with 25 spaces, and you do various things and then you get credit for that space. Various patterns of spaces could get you SB at the end of the game, which lasts about a week. Any row, column, or diagonal is worth 5 SB, a diagonal cross is worth 25 SB, the perimeter is worth 50 SB, and the whole board is worth 100 SB. Right now I need to refer a friend to complete the perimeter, and also buy a gift card to complete the whole board. Because of where those two spaces are, if I don’t do those two things I’ll only get 5 SB.

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Anyway, this morning I was still missing several spaces, so I thought I’d see about getting them filled before I starting thinking about those last two. Cause I don’t know if it’s worth bugging one of you about a referral for fifty cents, and then I don’t know if I want to buy a $25 gift card to get back $1.


So anyway, a couple of the spaces were things like add a picture, which I hadn’t done yet, and also set a swag name. So I went to my account page and looked at it and it already had my name there, I just hadn’t changed it to anything useful. So I looked at everything on the page, hit save, went to check my verification email and all that. Seems simple enough. Went back to the account page and figured out how to add a picture. Okay. Went to look at the SWAGO board and found both of those squares credited and also like 4 SB in my account. All good so far.

So now that I know how to do that, I went back to the account page to change my name. Not really change it to anything cool just make it Dawnell instead of having last name also there all squished together as one word. And my name was there highlighted, but I just couldn’t seem to do anything with it.


So I went and Googled how to change my name on Swagbucks and got a link to a page that says once you have a Swag name that is it forever. You can’t change it. Ever.


Not happy.

Also, they still haven’t given me 304 SB for buying that sump pump from Home Depot, even though on their own website it says that I used their link to spend the money. I already have the item. Just says I spent the money but have 0 SB pending for it.


Also having trouble getting SB the usual way by “watching” videos when I’m really doing something else. The last few days they just seem to get stuck for some reason. This happened right at the same time my husband decided to get a new modem and we had all kinds of trouble with that, but he says this is not related.

I don’t know. Maybe this is the end of the dream.

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