Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 11

Now I have received my $25 Home Depot gift card by email, and it worked. I ordered that new sump pump and it is supposed to be here by the 24th. (And now I’m remembering that I should go and buy like four hose kits or it won’t do me much good).

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So that’s all good. I’ve nearly got enough points to get another $25 gift card, but I’m thinking that I’ll get a $10 one instead and see if it is difficult to use at a store. Also, some of the $25 cards like Home Depot are available at a discount, but only once a month, so I can’t get the discount again for almost two weeks, and I’ll probably have more points by then anyway.

Still waiting on SB for purchases to be awarded to my account. Two purchases still say pending amounts, one says pending zero amount (should be 304 SB) and one just doesn’t show up yet. I guess I should still wait a few days for that.


And still waiting on my two gift cards from Rewards TV (says allow 10-12 weeks). I’m kicking myself that I didn’t finish yesterday’s surveys when I got home yesterday, but since I don’t actually know if this even works yet maybe it doesn’t matter.

But I’m going to have a spare sump pump next week. Yay!

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