Swagbucks, because Swagpennies doesn't sound cool Part 10

So that actual postcard that comes in the actual mail actually took a little less than the 5-7 business days I was told to wait. So that was good. Maybe I didn’t screw up. But now I have to wait another 10-14 business days to get a message (in my email this time, I hope) explaining how to get my gift card. The gift card will not be like a plastic gift card, but like the stuff I get in emails from Bing Rewards. I will probably just use the number on the gift card to order something online, or I could print it and use it at a store.

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Anyway, so I got this postcard, with a number, and then instructions on where to go and what to do with the number. And I guess all that is to prove I live here? Cause they don’t want people having multiple accounts? I guess only a few people live in a house, and you could have a few people with accounts in the same house. But they don’t want the same people having a bunch of accounts. And I can see why Bing does that, cause I could have a dozen accounts with different emails and spend five minutes on each one and get like a dozen $5 gift cards or so per month instead of just one. But I don’t see much advantage having multiple Swagbucks accounts. I don’t have the same limit of points as will Bing. I can have as many gift cards from Swagbucks as I can get points for, and I wouldn’t get much extra points for having an extra account.

Are they worried that I’ll just sit here and do the daily poll all day? That I’ll get hundreds of email accounts and sign in and sign out and all that just to put one penny in each account?


I’m already doing all this silly stuff for pennies here and there throughout the day. How does it help to have the points spread out among different accounts? It takes long enough to earn points on one or two accounts.

It’s just weird.

Anyway, I now have a message that I’ll get 120 SB pending in my account in eight days and the other 204 SB in eleven days. This is for the vitamins and the blender I bought last month. So that takes way longer than it says, but it looks like I will finally get it. I will not get it in time for some contest they are having. They had a contest that I didn’t really understand last month, but I got 50 SB of something called Swag Ups, which turned into 50 SB in my account now that I’ve ordered that gift card from Home Depot. Whatever.


My husband spent that Burger King gift card he ordered. It works just fine.

Okay, so we know that Bing Rewards works, but you can only get about $5 each month from it (a bit more if you also use your smart phone), but you usually get your gift cards the day you order them. And now we know Swagbucks works, but it takes a week or two to get the gift cards.


And now I’ve ordered two cards from Reward TV (STAY AWAY, THEY ARE MINE). Looks like I can get about $5 every week or so, if I want to sit here at 7:30 on Friday nights. And I’m still not for sure about them, cause I have to wait 10-12 weeks for delivery. And again they had less than a hundred cards and they were all claimed in less than ten minutes.

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