So, Moviepass looks normal this Monday morning

We’ll see how long that lasts.

As predicted, yesterday it looked normal early in the morning, but by the time the theaters had opened it had changed so that you could only get tickets for evening shows. And most of the evening shows already had peak pricing. And, not knowing which theater I might be near or if I would feel like watching an evening show, it did not seem like a good idea to get tickets hours ahead of time.


When I checked around 6pm, I was near two of the theaters without e-tickets, but there were no showings available.

As it happened later, I did end up being a few blocks from an e-ticket theater, probably in time to see a movie around 7:30. But I had an awful day and had a headache, and after taking aspirin did not much improve things, I just wanted to go home.


Now, it looks like I could just go over now and get tickets for the morning show, and I don’t feel too bad at the moment, but I really should try to do a few things first. I never know for sure, but maybe a movie around 2pm or 3pm would be nice. So I’m going to hope that things remain normal today and if I’m not too far away try to see the 3pm showing of Skyscraper.

Of course, if I just happen to be in the area of the e-ticket place again, I’ll be seeing The Darkest Minds instead.

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