Okay, so I'm writing this letter

Dear Board Members,

******** has pulled up some of my plants. I’ve also been harassed into moving plants that will probably die now, and told to undo a lot of work in the front yard that would have made the yard look better. Now it is uneven and looks like crap. She was actually heard to say that it looked 100% better.


Obviously, the yard does not look better with holes instead of flowers.

There was more nonsense before that. She’s tried to get me to get rid of more plants, supposedly because of rats. She doesn’t even know what a rat is. She also does not know what a grass runner is, she can’t identify vegetables, and she can’t identify weeds (either by the actual definition or by it’s more common usage). When I was moving some stuff In the backyard so that I could clean and check for termites and get rid of a couple of things, she got mad and stomped around and took pictures. She thinks sump pumps and hoses should be moved because they are not attractive. They aren’t supposed to be attractive, they are supposed to keep the house from flooding. She actually thinks this is something that can be moved.


Some things are just not attractive. Hoses are not attractive, but they are not as unattractive as say a toilet or as down right ugly as a gas meter. Yet somehow we all manage to have gas meters in our front yard without having ****** saying stupid things about them being removed. I am the injured party here, not whoever doesn’t want to look at hoses, as I am the one with the flooding house.

****** has twice yelled at me for repairs not being done. I’m not the one who is supposed to do the repairs. I am the injured party here, why am I even told to wait for the repairs much less being yelled at?


I did not call the police on ****** for the vandalism, yet. But she will not come back or I will. This is getting creepy.

I am sick of representatives of ***** Village demanding things of me that were never agreed to, that are the exact opposite of why I moved from the apartment in the first place. And then when it is ****** Village’s turn to do something, I have to wait, it doesn’t get done very well, maybe it doesn’t get done at all, that’s your problem now you are homeowner, etc…. I’ve generally let it go in return for being left alone, but now I’m not being left alone.


I need to be compensated for the following items—

Items actually destroyed by *****—2 white lilies and six purple gladiolus.

Items dead/dying because of ***** that will probably need to be replaced—two gallon sized broom plants about $8 each, 9 pint sized low growing perennial flowering plants (at least three need to be armeria, the others I am open suggestions) about $4 each.


Items needed to undo most of the mess in the front yard after ***** demanded the work I had done be undone within three days—topsoil/sand to fill in the holes and make the yard level (NOT CLAY), large piece of 3mm thick black plastic to kill grass and other weeds, and several bags of either sand or landscaping mix or brown mulch (sand or landscaping mix would actually be useful later, mulch just looks better)to cover black plastic. I hope just the rain will eventually correct the rest, otherwise someone will need to be hired to fix the damage.

I need to work on things that actually need to be done (I need to move a washing machine, I need to dig another hole for the sump pump, and I want to move and divide plants and deal with weeds, etc…) These are the things that I actually need to get done and not whatever ***** or anybody else imagines needs to be done. And I’m just can’t get any work done when I’m worried that a crazy person is going to show up while I’m trying to dig holes or use a power saw or something.


If anybody else really wants to know something about plants or the pump or anything else, I’d be happy to show them, but please keep ***** away from my home. It is pointless to talk to ***** since she doesn’t do repairs and she doesn’t understand what anything is anyway. (She’s even complaining that I’m doing some stuff that was agreed on last year.)

Thank you for your time.

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