Okay, people, I need a second (third, fourth, etc...) opinion

Friend from real life is online saying how old she feels because other friend just had a birthday, and when she first met other friend (and me and a lot of other people in the group) other friend was a kid, and now it’s more than twenty years later and he’s all grown up and married and has his own kid.

So, to further rub in the whole feel old thing, I point out that next month Star Trek will be 50 years old. And this is a group of Trekkies, and I think we all know that Star Trek will be 50 next month. And I didn’t say it on this occasion, but I’ve said it before, that I will be 50 three months later.


She writes back that she knows full well that Star Trek is going to be 50 next month, that as a child she actually watched the first episode. And then she goes on to say that she had __________ Star Trek related thing which she then took to school a few years later and lost.

To which I replied—Loser.

Okay, didn’t think I had to explain that one. She admits that she lost something—loser. It’s funny.


So nobody says anything until the next day when someone seems to be confused that I said she was a loser for having ________ Star Trek related thing. Like having _________ Star Trek related thing was better than having _______ other strong fan base show related thing.

Not sure where that came from. Maybe he had _______ other strong fan base show related thing and is a bit touchy about it?


So, to clarify/get this back on original track, I said SHE LOST IT.

See, now it’s not funny anymore. I made joke, and then I had to explain it. Somebody lost something—loser. Not somebody in a group of Trekkies calling somebody else in a group of Trekkies a loser because Trekkie has a Star Trek thing and somehow the Star Trek thing is lame.


Okay, whatever, moving on.

Now fourth friend who doesn’t have internet over the weekend is saying how I might be misunderstood, and I wasn’t really being mean, was it? I should clarify.


Okay, for real, I have to really go back and explain this?

What do you think?

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