Okay, I'm already tired just from looking at it.

Now what do I do?

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This is an actual picture from my actual house. This just isn’t actually from today. Today there’s just clothes on the bed. And just my clothes, his are either put away or in a laundry basket on the floor.

So I’ve got a few things in this room, a few things already in a box, but mostly all my clothes are on the bed. At least, all the clothes that I want to deal with right now. This does not include hanging up clothes that are in the closet, costumes, or already boxed up theme or holiday related stuff.


Okay, I’ve got ten drawers. I just don’t realize how small a drawer is until I’m putting stuff into it. Just seems like a piece of furniture specifically meant to hold clothing should hold more pieces of clothing than it does. And I had three junk drawers instead of two like I thought, so I took stuff out of one drawer that I’ll deal with later. So I’ll have eight drawers to work with. And I think it’s okay to have a box of actual winter clothes that I don’t wear much that can go under the bed or something.

Now what?

Maybe a separate box for those t-shirts that I have around for specific things? Like I don’t care anything about sports, but sometimes you can get a discount at a thing if you wear a sports t-shirt. There used to be a thing you got a discount at a place if you wore a specific color. That sort of thing.


I just want to not have stuff in the drawers and then still have four baskets of laundry that never get put away and a chair that I can never sit in because it has clothes on it.

Maybe it’s okay to have two baskets of clothes that either need to be done or need to be put away, but not four that can never be put away.

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