I've already mentioned being your basic Creationalist who believes in God who is an old man with the voice of Charlton Heston. So now I thought I'd talk about something that I don't really believe, but I find it interesting.

So most of us are familiar with the story of there being nothing but God, and then God created light, and then God created planets and other stuff, and then created plants and animals, and then the first person, and then the second person, and then the plants and animals and two people were "fruitful and multiplied"... And now we are all here. In college (in an English Literature class) they decided that we should learn about someone else's creation story.

(They called it a creation story, though I don't remember anything actually being created.)

Anyway, according to one of the American Indian tribes (and there are other tribes that have nearly the same story), it all began when Sky Woman came down to earth riding a giant turtle. There are not other people in the story with her, but that's okay, cause she was already pregnant prior to this ride on the turtle. And she gave birth to twin boys, and one of them was good and one of them was evil. And they grew up and had their own children.

(I don't know who they had these children with, but let's skip to the interesting parts.)


The good son's children and grandchildren and so forth became the people, and the bad son's children and grandchildren and so forth became the gorillas.



Well, the translation we read in class said gorillas. I have to think that is wrong. Did American Indians have a word for gorillas? Did the person telling the story actually say gorillas? Did the person writing the story down substitute gorillas for some other word? Did the person telling the story substitute gorillas for some other word because he'd heard this word, and the person he was telling the story to didn't understand whatever word was originally in the story? If the story were first translated back when I was a kid, would it have been Bigfoot instead of gorillas, or maybe later some other mythical thing like Chupacabra?

If it were translated today, would it just say the enemy, or maybe terrorists? The good son's descendants became the good people, and the bad son's descendants became terrorists. Cause even if the American Indians had a word for gorillas, gorillas aren't that bad, not really. They are just different, and not people.

Anyway, back to the turtle.

So clearly, people can't ride around through the sky on flying turtles. But they could fly around in something that looks like a turtle, right?


According to this story, Sky Woman came down to earth on a giant turtle. A really BIG turtle. A turtle so big that it became an island. And in the story, this island is the original home of this tribe of American Indians. And there are similar stories from other tribes who also came from an island what was originally a big turtle that came from the sky.

So that's interesting. At least, it is interesting to me.

Now, I'm not for doing anything stupid, but has anyone ever gone looking for this island? Not that I'd want to do anything drastic like send people away from their homes, but we do have cool tools now for looking for things underground, and it would be cool to have a look at this island, just in case.