Exciting Six Flags Post: Part One (Maybe)

(This is going to be the whole thing. The really exciting park starts about paragraph eight.)

Okay, so I wanted to go to Six Flags last weekend, but it wasn’t nice enough weather really until Sunday. Since I’m short on money and need to save gas, I decided that unless my sister wanted to go I should probably just skip it.


So I’m doing other things, and at about 2pm I remember that I haven’t eaten lunch. I decide I should do that soon. And then my sister calls and asks if I’m going to Six Flags. I could go to Six Flags. It opens at 4pm, and I could meet them there. Okay. So I have an errand to run and I should at least buy half a tank of gas. So I do that, and I get home and realize I don’t have time to eat anything if I am going to get to the park before it opens and meet them around 4pm. I call to make sure everyone is still planning to go, and she says that they are, and I leave about five or ten minutes later than I would have liked.

And then at the exit traffic slows down. And we all sort of creep along, and then I hoped that either this was a bunch of people trying to get on 360, or that there would be some other problem that was obvious how to get around it. No such luck.


There are four lanes. The far right lane goes either straight or turns right and you can be in that lane either to go to Six Flags, or you have to be in that lane to go one way on 360. That lane is completely full. The lane next to that one also goes straight and you can get to Six Flags from that lane, I just don’t like it as well, but there that line isn’t quite as long so I get in that lane rather than completely block the exit. And then the two other lanes are turn left only, and from those you can either go the other way on 360 or just drive past Six Flags and go to some restaurants and such.

Okay, so if you are going to someplace where a bunch of other people are going, like an amusement park or a ball game or something, and there is a long line of cars, you are probably supposed to be in that long line of cars, and you don’t have any business trying to get around it, just stay there and wait your turn.


But no...people drive right up to the stop light past two packed lanes of cars and the want to cut in front of the twenty other cars with the people who have been waiting their turn. So, they block traffic until someone lets them in, or they don’t wait to be let in and block traffic the other way, or go through the light and cut in front of someone else and block traffic there. And then the light changes, and people coming from the other way have no place to go either, so some of them are in the intersection with no place to go. And then when you finally get up to the light and it is your turn, another of the idiots causing the problem cuts in front of you and you miss your turn and/or end up block a bit of the road yourself.

Okay, so we all creep along and then there are the people coming from the other direction who either were never on the freeway or else when they figured out they were in the left turn lane by mistake they did what you should do in that situation and went the long way around rather than block traffic, those people have to get in, but they aren’t causing as much of a stackup because that is a place that they are actually supposed to be and eventually they do get in. But it still slows things down, even though this is where they should be. And finally we get into the parking lot, where we still have to stop once in a while because someone who said he did not want to pay for the preferred parking is still trying to turn into the preferred parking instead of just driving to the back of the lot like everybody else.


So I finally get parked at nearly the back of the lot, about twenty-five rows from where I thought I would park, and walk to the security check and finally get in line and into the park. It’s already past 5pm, and I call my sister and figure out where to meet her. I get a drink first and then find her and my mom. Her husband and the kids went to ride Judge Roy Scream while she went to get drinks and popcorn.

Okay, so we are sitting around talking waiting for them to get done with the roller coaster, and we’re trying to figure out where to eat. My sister wants a certain place until she hears that it will probably be an hour wait. Sorry, they will all be a long wait, three places in particular might be a longer wait, but they will all be a long wait so wait for whatever it is you want. And my mom wants half of my food, cause I gave her food last time, but sorry, I’m hungry cause I didn’t eat lunch, and she just really looks hurt or something. And then my sister gets a text and a picture from her husband, they are on the roller coaster. And I sort of scold them for taking pictures when they are actually on the ride. It isn’t safe and you aren’t supposed to do that sort of thing anymore.


A bit later, my sister gets more texts. They are stuck on the ride. Something about a major malfunction. Maybe we better look at that picture again. There is something on the track that we couldn’t see very well, so try to get a better look.

Okay, the chain has come off of the track.

Apparently, everyone is fine, they are just waiting. I say we should go over there and have a look. Okay. She gets more texts and a picture of everyone waiting to be let off of the ride. She tries talking to him, but you can’t hear very well. I start through the ride exit, but she calls me back, they are off the ride now and coming back.


The kids run out, and my brother-in-law is talking to one of the employees, and the other ten people who were on the ride go off with another employee. The employee had offered to take the people to the front of the line of whatever ride that they wanted, but my sister had said no, mostly cause she couldn’t hear and didn’t understand what we being offered. The employee said that the only other thing he was authorized to do was maybe give everyone a free meal. My brother-in-law was in the process of turning this down as well, cause we had dining passes, when my sister mentions that we don’t all have passes (and I am not in the mood to share, cause I’m hungry after missing lunch), so the employee takes us to Johnny Rockets (which is the closest place with indoor seating). And then we do not have to wait in line for an hour and someone brings the food to our table.

So then we hear about the accident. They were just starting to go up the first hill when the car stopped, but it sounds like everything was still going. And then the ride was shaking and the ride didn’t sound right anymore. And then there was a very long noise and the chain snapped, and they saw it go up in the air and bits come off of it, but it didn’t hit anybody. And then they were stuck for a bit, but since they weren’t far up the hill someone was able to get them out in about five minutes.


I’m not sure if my nephew gets that might have been really bad. My niece is only concerned that she didn’t get to ride and are they going to fix it? Everybody else gets that it could have been really bad but it wasn’t, but since it wasn’t we just tried to go enjoy the rest of our evening.

(Okay, that was the really exciting part. TLDR: There was a lot of traffic and a lot of idiots making the traffic worse, and when I got to the park an hour late my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew were on a roller coaster that broke but nobody was hurt and we got free dinner out of it. Coming in Part 2 (maybe) but you don’t care not going to read the rest, cause it is still TLDR—later I nearly had a problem with another customer, my mom had trouble walking, my nephew’s foot itches, and I had a near miss with another car on the way home.)

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